Thankless Thanksgiving Robbery At Abbotsford SPCA

Abbotsford – While most people were sleeping off their Thanksgiving weekend excesses, others spent their time breaking into the Abbotsford BC SPCA Branch on Monday night. The thieves didn’t access the building, but that didn’t stop them from taking two…

Facebook – Service Is Down Worldwide

Fraser Valley/World – So if you are trying to log onto Facebook and can’t, the correct answer is — yes there is a problem. Many who attempted to go onto the site were shown a blank page, with nothing loading….

Purple Light Nights Campaign Abbotsford 2017 (VIDEO)

Abbotsford — The Purple Light Nights initiative originated in Covington, Washington, in 2007 and has become a powerful international educational and awareness campaign. The colour purple represents the international colour that symbolizes domestic violence. By simply illuminating purple lights at…