Seabird Island – In a social media post from Seabird Island regarding the Big Bar Slide on the Fraser River and how it will affect fishing this summer, comes this (dated August 2, with more information coming on the 7th) :

Notice to Seabird Fishers,

It’s been extremely complex and troubling to come to an agreement between Stó:lō Fishers and the DFO on a fish plan this summer. 2 major complexities are 1 – the impacts of the Big Bar Slide and 2 – that very few sockeye are showing up in test fisheries. There is very little likelihood that we will be able to access any sockeye fishing. The following plan is aimed at spring salmon and is the best plan we’ve come up with to date.

– Chinook with sockeye allowance plan presented by First Nations to DFO

o Next weekend (based on no fishing this weekend to enable weaker stocks through)
o Aug 8 – 8 hour drift with 18 hour set net
o Aug 25 – 18 hour drift with 48 hour set net
o Aug 26 – ongoing daily until coho and other restrictions kick in
o Potential for sockeye fishery Aug 11, 18 and 25th (subject to sockeye management but this plan is based around chinook numbers)

The above points are based on DFO’s current restrictions and meets all their criteria

o The plan above is imperative and must be confirmed by Jennifer or RDG along with request to meet directly with RDG
We will be able to provide more information on Tuesday, August 7th.

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