Ottawa (with files from UAV Isabella Lee)- As of June 1, Canada’s national aviation authority, Transport Canada, put into place, new drone regulations.

Failing to comply could mean a fine up to $5000.

Transport Canada’s Drone webpage is here.

The new rules are broken down into two subcategories: basic and advanced operations. The changes will apply to drones that:

  • weigh 250 grams (g) up to and including 25 kilograms (kg), and
  • are operated within the drone pilot’s visual-line-of-sight

Commercial drone pilots operating a drone that weighs more than 25 kg are required to obtain a special flight operations certificate (SFOC). A drone pilot MUST:

  • Attend a mandatory training through an approved drone flight school
  • Complete an Application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate form
  • Send the form and other required documents to the Civil Aviation regional office

For the most part, these drones are used close to populated areas.

Recreational drone pilots who operate a drone that weighs less than 35 kg do not need to undergo any training BUT they have to follow the same courtesy rules.

With basic operations:

  • You fly your drone in uncontrolled airspace
  • You fly your drone more than 30 meters (100 feet) horizontally from bystanders
  • You never fly your drone over bystanders

If you do not meet any one of the above three conditions, you are conducting advanced operations.

With advanced operations:

  • You want to fly in controlled airspace 9populated areas, close to airstrips etc.
  • You want to fly over bystanders
  • You want to fly within 30 meters (100 feet) of bystanders (measured horizontally)

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