Fraser Valley – Don’t be shy and admit it, you always wanted to be behind the News Anchor Desk. If Chris Gailus (Global TV) can do it , Why can’t you? Or Dan Burritt (CBC), Sophie Lui and Colleen Christie (Global/BC1), Ann Luu (CTV), Mike Killeen (CBC), Dawna Freisen (Global), Lisa La Flamme (CTV) and the list goes on.

OK, for those of us a little older.. Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite (CBS) …. alright, that might be a little too old.

chillTV has a cool opportunity for you to be a co-anchor for the weekly news magazine “News of the Week”. Taping is done on Wednesday mornings at the VBN studio in Chilliwack. It takes a little more than an hour and everything is done for you. Scripts are written and you read from a teleprompter. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. Plus you are immortalized on the chillTV YouTube Channel.

No prior experience necessary. All they ask is for a CV of you as well as an audition video. That is easy to do. If you can do a video on your phone, voila, there is your audition video !

Send your CV and video to

Recently, chillTV’s News of the Week with Don Lehn has been host to some rather cool people.

Paula DeWit, Conductor, Chilliwack Symphony Orcheatra, Wendy Darling, Debora Soutar and Dr. Carin Bondar :

Paula DeWit
chillTV News of the Week, Don Lehn, Debora Soutar – Rotarian
chillTV’s Berris Karden and Wendy Darling, Autism Advocate
Dr. Carin Bondar

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