Surrey (Opinion from Surrey Board of Trade) – In the face of rising gas prices and the need for alternative transportation options, especially in Surrey and South of the Fraser, the Surrey Board of Trade wanted to know the thoughts of their membership again on whether or not Surrey needed ridesharing, also referred to as ride-hailing.

“There is tremendous support for ridesharing with over 90% of respondents saying they wanted ridesharing in Surrey,” said Anita Huberman, Surrey Board of Trade CEO. “The Surrey Board of Trade has always supported innovative transportation options to make Surrey – as well as BC, a world-renowned province.”

The British Columbia government has made plans to implement ride-hailing services this Fall. Ride-hailing services include services such as Lyft and Uber where drivers use their own vehicle to pick up and drop off passengers through the use of an app or website. Users input their coordinates and destination and can choose from a list of available drivers to get to where they need to be.

The Surrey Board of Trade asked its membership through a survey for their input on whether Surrey has a need for ride hailing services. The survey was open for three weeks. There was overwhelming support for these services. Surrey businesses showed that they need easy transportation options for commuting and getting around the city and between cities.

“Let’s finally have some action finally on ridesharing in British Columbia. Surrey needs it,” said Huberman.

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