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Pro SOGI Abbotsford Rally Against Hate and Protections For All Students – Tuesday November 21

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Abbotsford –  On the heels of an anti-SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) rally in Chilliwack on Tuesday November 21 , concerned residents, and parents from the Fraser Valley, including group members of BC Parents for Inclusivity (BCPI), will gather together for a peaceful demonstration, also on November
21, to stand against hatred, and the spread of disinformation about SOGI 123.

Families and community members from all areas of the Fraser Valley will rally from 5-6:30 PM at Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle School, 3174 Clearbrook Road,
Abbotsford. This event will run prior to the Abbotsford School Board meeting, which begins at 7:00PM.

SOGI 123 is the provincially mandated anti-bullying curriculum that supports marginalized LGBTQ+ students. It does not sexualize or indoctrinate children. It is a toolkit for educators to create an inclusive environment where every child feels accepted, respected, and safe. (

Parents from across the Fraser Valley are invited by rally organizers, to stand together in Abbotsford to show that families of the Lower Mainland are accepting, inclusive, and progressive.

This event from the BC Parents for Inclusivity (BCPI), is a call to action for everyone who supports the health and safety of all children in the community.


BC Parents for Inclusivity (BCPI), formerly Langley Parents for Inclusivity, was organized in September 2017 in response to negative reactions from the community to SOGI 123. The group consists of parents and community members who stand together to promote inclusive education, and to voice their support for LGBTQ+ youth, and all children who face intolerance or discrimination.

Previous BCPI activities include a rally prior to the Langley School Board’s September meeting, a presentation at that board meeting, and an October 2017 SOGI 123 Info Session for parents and community members.

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  1. On behalf of LGBTQ+ students in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Surrey, and all communities throughout the Fraser Valley, I will be at the rally tomorrow in Abbotsford. There is no more room for hateful, discrimination from “adult bullies” who are threatening vulnerable youth in our communities and schools. In Canada, we embrace diversity, and celebrate our differences. A message to all LGBTQ+ students, we are here for you, and won’t let you down! #LoveWins #HateLoses

    I already notified the schools where my children go. They had been served the declaration of FAMILY RIGHTS form and they had been told legal consequences will result if they teach SOGI on my kids. Parents have rights, and we just exercise our RIGHTS to REFUSE SOGI agenda. That’s all. NO SOGI, end of discussion. [Schools will shut down and teachers fired, if all the NO SOGI parents homeschool their kids and IT WILL HAPPEN if SOGI doesn’t get it nicely.]
    Parents HAVE THE RIGHT to refuse having SOGI taught to their kids. Don’t push buttons!!! 1 child=10000$ funding from the Canadian government to the school. TAKE KIDS OUT OF School and see teachers fired. SIMPLE, shut down of schools. POWER TO THE PARENTS not to sex activists with political agenda.

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