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Allan Schoenborn – Granted Escorted Leave

Merritt/New Westminster/Coquitlam  – NOVEMBER 17 UPDATE – Allan Schoenborn has been granted escorted leave into the community. The BC Review Board released their statement. The granting of leave is at the discretion of doctors at Colony Farms.

Darcy Clarke, the ex-wife and mother of the children released a statement:(Courtesy Dave Teixeira, Communications Inc.

Not again.

After a near five month delay between the first and second day of the B.C. Review Board hearing plus an additional week for a ruling, we have horrible news. That is, Allan Schoenborn, the man who murdered my three children – Kaitlynne, Max and Cordon – has once again been granted outings into our community.

While the escorted leaves are at the discretion of Dr. Johann Brink at Colony Farm Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, this is of no comfort to me. This is the same man who wanted to give Allan full release in 2011 after just one year in custody. This is the man who has said victims do not have the right to know what is happening with an NCR (not criminally responsible) accused.

Allan’s own doctors do not believe he will be ready for years – if ever – to have such leave. The only people who were pushing for these freedoms were Allan, his lawyers and the hospital administrator, Dr. Johann Brink and now the three members of the B.C. Review Board.

So what’s next? For Allan, he could be in our community at any time without the public’s knowledge because the Review Board does not have the public’s safety as their paramount concern. I live in the Tri-Cities and I will now live in consistent fear that he will move ahead with his threats against me, because as he has said, I am “unfinished business”. Should he escape custody, there are no requirements for Colony Farm to warn the community nor get law enforcement involved in his capture. Instead, they only need to gain assistance of occupational health workers and notify Dr. Brink at Colony Farm.


While I am disappointed with this outcome I cannot thank Crown Council Wendy Dawson and Trevor Shaw enough for their thoughtfulness, professionalism empathy and tenacity. They are true advocates for victims and public safety.

For everyone who has supported me over years, thank-you. And thank-you for your continued support as we move forward to protect the rights of victims all across Canada.

For the politicians and members of the B.C. Review Board who allowed this decision to happen, let me ask you: would you want a triple child killer to spend time with you or your family in your community? If you answered “yes”, you are lying. If you answered, “no”, then what are you doing to fix our broken legal and mental health systems?

NOVEMBER 10 UPDATE – Schoenborn family spokesman Dave Teixeira said on Facebook that the court process continues.

Back at the Colony Farms BC Review Board  Friday to ensure 3x child killer Alan Schoenborn does NOT get released in our community.”
More to come.

SEPTEMBER 18 UPDATE – Last week, the BC Prosecution Service said it would not appeal the ruling that Allan Schoenborn would not be designated as high-risk accused. On Monday September 18, B.C. Attorney General David Eby is reaffirming that the province won’t push for an appeal of a recent decision in the Allan Schoenborn case.

Schoenborn killed his three children in Merritt in 2008, but was found not criminally responsible because of a mental disorder.

SEPTEMBER 14 UPDATE – BC Crown Counsel says it will not appeal the ruling that found Allan Schoenborn is not a high-risk accused. Stacy Galt (cousin to Schoenborn’s ex-wife Darcie Clarke) as well as family spokes person Dave Teixeira are expected to comment.

Darcie Clarke released this statement:

Two weeks ago, Allan Schoenborn, the man who murdered my three children – Kaitlynne, Max and Cordon – was not given the High Risk Designation under Bill C14 Not Criminally Responsible Act by the B.C. Supreme Court after a hearing that spanned 487 days. This was an outcome my family and I had been dreading.
We encouraged Crown Counsel to file an appeal. As an appeal is more than just disagreeing with the outcome, it was apparent an appeal would not be successful. As such, Crown informed my family today that they would not be putting forward an appeal.
I nor my family and representatives will be commenting further on the question of the appeal.
Instead, we are preparing to block Allan’s request for additional freedoms at his upcoming B.C. Review Board hearing on November 10th. That is where we are focusing our energies – not on what we can’t do, but on what we can do.

I want to thank Crown Counsel Wendy Dawson, Michelle Booker and Trevor Shaw. I cannot thank them enough for their thoughtfulness, professionalism, empathy and tenacity. These fine people are true advocates for victims and public safety.

For everyone who has supported me over these last almost 10 years, thank-you. And thank-you for your continued support as we move forward to protect the rights of victims all across Canada and improve our justice and mental health regimes.

AUGUST 31 UPDATE  – A B.C. Supreme Court Justice  in New Westminster ruled child killer Allan Schoenborn does not meet the criteria for the high-risk accused designation. That does not mean is is going to be released anytime soon. Schoenborn will be able to, on a regular basis, apply for day passes.

Justice Martha M. Devlin said while the killings were brutal, they were committed because of Schoenborn’s delusional state.

While at the Colony Farm Correctional Institution in Coquitlam, Schoenborn has been involved in several violent incidents but they don’t fit the patterns of what precipitated the murder of his children.

Schoenborn’s lawyer took to Twitter to say this isn’t a victory for Schoenborn. Says “he still has ongoing issues and still “needs a lot of work.”

Schoenborn’s status will be reviewed annually by a parole board. The designation would have made that process every three years.

Needless to say, the family of the victims are horrified and concerned that he will re-offend or perhaps take retribution on the surviving family members.

An appeal from crown is expected.

VIDEO – From family spokesperson Dave Tiexeira –  Media scrum with Mike Clarke and Stacy Galt after BC Supreme ruling 3x child killer Allan Schoenborn not high risk.

Media scrum with Mike Clarke and Stacy Galt after BC Supreme ruling 3x child killer Allan Schoenborn not high risk.

Posted by Dave Teixeira on Thursday, August 31, 2017

JUNE 30 UPDATE – Family spokesperson Dave Texeira has told FVN that the New West Supreme Court Judge will issue his rulings on Allan Schoenborn’s High Risk & Charter hearings 10 AM, September 15 in New Westminster BC Supreme Court. The question is whether or not Schoenborn will be considered high risk accused and restricted in accessing day passes from the forensic psyche unit in Coquilam, where he now resides.

JUNE 14 UPDATE – The BC Supreme Court has granted an application from family spokesperson Dave Texeira to access all NTP (Notice To Proceed) exhibits in Merritt child killer Allan Schoenborn hearings. He posted to Facebook that : “For this piece, I am getting copies of evidence presented to the Court from the National Trajectory Project – a group of academics who published a report saying individuals found NCR (Not Criminally Responsible) are less likely to commit crimes after being released from treatment. The problem is there are massive errors and odd methodology. From there, working to have this report disqualified from future expert testimony and to have a proper study conducted. This may take a while.”

JUNE 12 UPDATE – Crown Council Wendy Dawson asked a British Columbia Supreme Court judge on Monday to designate 49 year old Allan Schoenborn, a high-risk accused. Schoenborn was found not criminally responsible because of a mental disorder for killing his three children, between the ages of 5 and 10, at the family’s home in Merrit in April 2008.

Schoenborn’s lawyer, Rishi Gill, said he would not dispute the “brutal nature” of his client’s offences.

If Schoenborn is designated a high-risk accused it would severely limit the possibility of outings for him and extend the time between his review-board hearings to three years.

Proceedings are expected to last a week, and arguments around whether the designation of high-risk accused complies with the charter are expected to begin June 26.

JUNE 2 UPDATE from family spokesperson Dave Teixeira : Back in BC Supreme Court Rm 413 for 3x child killer’s Allan Schoenborn high risk hearing – 397 days since the start of the “3 week hearing”.

MAY 24 UPDATE – As the hearing for community passes began for Allan Scheonborn, his psychiatrist at the Colony Farm Correctional Institution in Coquitlam says he is making slow progress and still struggles with anger management.

Dr. Marcel Hediger told a review board hearing that it’s unlikely he would recommend Allan Schoenborn be granted supervised outings in the next year.

Schoenborn’s Brother-in-law is concerned for his sister’s safety and that he feels that the accused has “unresolved issues” that continue to make him a danger should he be released back into society.

The review continues.

APRIL 28 UPDATE   – Merritt child killer Allan Schoenborn is asking for community passes again. His hearing is scheduled for May 24th at Colony Farm.

FEBRUARY 7 UPDATE – Schoenborn‘s constitutional lawyer withdraws from case.  No reason has been given so far although further delays in the process are expected.

JANUARY 28 UPDATE – Another day in the drama of letting convicted child killer Allan Schoenborn, to have day pass freedom, much to the disgust of the victim’s familiy (Schoenborn killed his three children in Merritt in 2008).

The BC Supreme Court denied an application Schoenborn for a delay in his “high-risk accused” hearing.

The upcoming hearing is set for early May where Crown counsel will apply to have him declared a high-risk accused. That designation would force an end to his escorted day passes and delay any further requests for freedom.

Schoenborn’s next hearing with the review board, where he allowed to request unescorted leave, is at the end of May.

Family spokesperson Dave Texeira called his application to push back the hearing a “delay tactic.”

Schoenborn was found not criminally responsible because of a mental disorder after he killed his daughter Kaitlynne and two sons, Max and Cordon.

Since then he has been confined to the Coquitlam forensic psychiatric hospital since the 2010 trial.

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