Chilliwack – It was another successful Heritage Chilliwack AGM on Thursday night at the Royal Hotel in Downtown Chilliwack

(We admit, the wine & cheese after didn’t hurt😉)

Some 30 members, new and old, converged on the Royal Hotel and some hardware was handed out. Congrats to the award recipients.

Sandy Andreasen (Homeowner Award for Brett House)

Alvin Bartel (Business Award for CHP Architects’ renewal of Firehall #2)

Kelly Ovans (Volunteer Award).

Chilliwack MLA John Martin and City Councilor Sam Waddington were noted speakers at the AGM.

Here is part of Martin’s address:

Also at the AGM, the Heritage Chilliwack Society amended it’s constitution to apply to the CRA – Canadian Revenue Agency, that the society move from “Non-profit” to a “Charitable Society”. That allows for additions funding and tax receipts for donations.

Carsten Arnold was elected as a new Director, joining Cam Hull.

Verna Herron remains Treasurer, Monica Braun as Secretary, Krista Brennan as Vice-President and Laura Reid as President.

Laura Reid (l) and MLA John Martin (r)

Heritage Chilliwack’s Mission Statement:

Heritage Chilliwack is a community based initiative established to engage, advocate for and promote Chilliwack’s heritage.

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