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Chiefs New Mascot – Your Thoughts? (Video)

Chillwack – On Friday night, the Chilliwack Chiefs unveiled their new mascot. This to replace Chief Wannawin, who after all these years, was found to be not politically correct.

Currently the mascot does not have a name.

Chiefs’ PR guru Barry Douglas told FVN that a “name the mascot” contest is coming.

What do you think?

From the FVN Facebook page:

Nordina Newton it’s so typical, let’s pick a cow, wth does a cow have to do with anything? A walking talking cob of corn could have been a close second OMG! How do the players feel about it? A bull might have at least could lead a charge lol.

Cindy Richard Heidi Think everyone was dumbfounded at the game tonite.

Wesley Duncan Lamb Dumb. It’s sad the lengths we go to nowadays to be politically correct.

Linda Drummond Not sure why they retired the other, but the new one is not inspiring at all.

Tracey Hitz McNeill Embarrassing.

Picture Courtesy of Michael Vegh

Video from Barry Douglas/Chilliwack Chiefs

New mascot time

Posted by Chilliwack Chiefs on Friday, October 6, 2017

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