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Chiefs New Mascot – Your Thoughts? (Video)

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Chillwack – On Friday night, the Chilliwack Chiefs unveiled their new mascot. This to replace Chief Wannawin, who after all these years, was found to be not politically correct.

Currently the mascot does not have a name.

Chiefs’ PR guru Barry Douglas told FVN that a “name the mascot” contest is coming.

What do you think?

From the FVN Facebook page:

Nordina Newton it’s so typical, let’s pick a cow, wth does a cow have to do with anything? A walking talking cob of corn could have been a close second OMG! How do the players feel about it? A bull might have at least could lead a charge lol.

Cindy Richard Heidi Think everyone was dumbfounded at the game tonite.

Wesley Duncan Lamb Dumb. It’s sad the lengths we go to nowadays to be politically correct.

Linda Drummond Not sure why they retired the other, but the new one is not inspiring at all.

Tracey Hitz McNeill Embarrassing.

Picture Courtesy of Michael Vegh

Video from Barry Douglas/Chilliwack Chiefs

New mascot time

Posted by Chilliwack Chiefs on Friday, October 6, 2017

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  1. when are the chiefs going to become the HERD Ridiculous!! Political correctness at its worst.

  2. A cow??? We are now the laughing stock of the league. A cow is a docile creature who ends up at the slaughterhouse. The jokes were rampant at the arena. Best one was the ‘dairy air’ of Chilliwack. Then I noticed the sign of one of our corporate sponsors. This is beyond bad. Obviously no market research was done as I did not see one person at the game who saw anything positive other than the young kids who love anything in costume. This is definitely a FAIL.

  3. chief wanna win was a lot better. its now a embarrassment to the chiefs. people are right cowa do go to the slaughter house alot when they get sick or injured .

  4. Not so bad, everyone can wear teats on their head and be chased by farmers with chains and cattle prods. Great choice dumbasses.

  5. Its not very moooooving thats for sure. Perhaps a corn cob or a Salmon may have rounded out the choices? Good Grief who made this choice ? Are they not our team? Should we not have been consulted?

  6. ummm…..seriously? ive always thought the Chief was very cool…and my family has first nations heritage. did you first consult first nations & fans? was there a majority vote? or 1 person offended. at least survey the season’s ticket holders…right? way to kill a very loyal fan base that has been manipulated ever since we bowed to darrel & Glen Sather when the chiefs were dumped the first time. they made their cool $6 mill then moooo-ved the team

    Im disappointed…but not shocked. Perhaps some market research & more sophisticated fan consultation may be appropriate next time. so now the Chiefs… are a cow.

    Not even a bull?? who calls these decisions?

    weve got every apex predator here…..

    how about Coyotes? Cougars? Bears? even Cohos or Chinooks?? wolverines??

    a COW?

    my gosh…Now Holsteins? Jerseys? Chilliwack Milking Shorthorns? this must be in response to the rbc cup coming to town? A clear miss.
    So now new logo …and jerseys… & marketing platform for the name change? ticket prices increases? smart. enjoy the management team standing proudly beside the cow on TSN in May 2018. Not likely.

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