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Delays In Delivering Chilliwack Green Carts

Chilliwack – Emterra Environmental and Rehrig Pacific (the Green Cart manufacturer) have been delivering Green Carts for compostable waste to residents on the City’s Curbside Collection Program since the beginning of April. Carts are being delivered on a daily basis and the majority of residents have received their carts, but due to unforeseen circumstances, some Green Carts will be delivered after April 30th.

Adjustments were made to the method of delivery this week, which has reduced the number of carts being delivered on a daily basis. Emterra Environmental and Rehrig Pacific are working hard to arrange for additional delivery crews and will continue to deliver carts as efficiently as possible while ensuring worker safety.

“Emterra is proud of our customer service record in the community and are working closely with the City and Rehrig Pacific to have the carts delivered as quickly and as safely as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience to residents who haven’t received their carts yet,” said Emterra’s VP Operations, Ed Walsh.

“Rehrig Pacific prides itself on delivering the highest quality of products and services. Together with our partners we are working to resolve this unexpected delay in a steadfast manner and apologize for any inconvenience to the residents who have been impacted,” said Rehrig’s Environmental Solutions Manager, Dennis Monestier.

As the City of Chilliwack and Emterra Environmental want to ensure that residents on the Curbside Collection Program receive the highest level of service possible the following arrangements have been made for the first week of May:

Residents with Cart Delivery by April 30th:

* All residents who have received their Green Cart may proceed with the new compostable waste program as outlined in the instructions provided with the Green Cart. Food waste, food-soiled paper and yard waste should be placed in the Green Cart for collection.

* As indicated in the program information, residents may place up to 10 paper bags of yard waste or bundles of branches out for collection every week in the spring and fall in addition to their Green Cart without requiring Tag-a-Bag stickers.

Residents with Cart Delivery after April 30th:

* If the Green Cart arrives in time to be used, then residents are encouraged to place their food waste, food-soiled paper and yard waste in the Green Cart for collection.

* If residents are unable to wait for the Green Cart, those residents may place food waste in their regular garbage for the first week of May. Although bi-weekly garbage collection starts next week, Emterra will also collect garbage from the areas that did not receive a cart by April 30th.

* Emterra Environmental will also collect yard waste from all residents. Yard waste may be placed in the Green Cart (if available), in paper bags, or branches may be bundled. If the Green Cart is not available, residents may place yard waste in owner-supplied containers. To avoid worker injury, containers may be up to a maximum of 80 litres and weigh up to a maximum of 25kg/55lb. In the absence of a Green Cart, up to 11 paper bags, containers or bundles will be collected.

* Please note: the use of owner-supplied containers for yard waste is only being allowed for the first week of May when Green Carts are not available.

The City of Chilliwack, Emterra Environmental and Rehrig Pacific thank residents for their patience. We know most residents are excited to start this new program, which will result in a significant reduction in materials going to the landfill. Residents who did not receive their Green Cart by April 30th will not be charged the new Curbside Collection fee until the week after their cart is delivered.

The City would also like to remind all residents to check the new collection schedule as collection days are changing for some residents. Residents are encouraged to download the new Chilliwack Curbside Collection App for collection reminders and convenient access to program information.

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