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Surrey’s HealthTech Connex Launches Centre For Neurology Studies

SurreySurrey’s HealthTech Connex Inc. is launching the Centre for Neurology Studies located within the Health and Technology DISTRICT on Innovation Boulevard. The news stems from last week’s Health and Technology DISTRICT press event with Minister Amrik Virk and Minister Peter Fassbender, when they announced that within the last 90 days, 22 companies have joined the Health and Technology DISTRICT.

HealthTech Connex’s Centre for Neurology Studies is a leading-edge research centre connecting scientists, researchers, medical professionals and patients with innovative companies developing ground-breaking technologies that improve brain health.

“The Centre for Neurology Studies is led by the private sector, forward-thinking companies who are making innovative discoveries and breakthroughs in the area of brain health,” says Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, President and Chief Scientific Officer at HealthTech Connex Inc. “The Centre connects these companies with people who can help take their innovations into the real world where patients can benefit from their technologies and improve their lives, whether it’s related to brain concussion or a debilitating brain disease.”

One of the first companies to join the Centre for Neurology Studies is world leading neurological wellness company, Helius Medical Technologies. Based in Newtown, Pennsylvania the medical technology company is focused on neurological wellness and is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada and the OTCQB in the United States.

Helius seeks to develop, license and acquire unique and non-invasive platform technologies that amplify the brain’s ability to heal itself. This includes the Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNSTM), an investigational non-invasive device designed to deliver neurostimulation through the tongue. PoNSTM Therapy combines the use of the device with physical therapy and is currently being evaluated in a multicenter clinical trial, including one at the Centre for Neurology Studies, for the treatment of balance disorder for subjects with mild to moderate Traumatic Brain Injury.

Well-known Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient advocate, Montel Williams, recently toured the Centre for Neurology Studies.

“This is so overwhelming today walking through here. It was almost seven years ago when I got involved with the PoNS device, and dedicated my life to helping move this forward so that it can help as many people as it possibly could,” says Williams, “Then I see something like this has been created, developed and formed. This is because a patient told some scientist, that helped some other scientist, talk about a technology that is still investigatory, but it’s technology that has a chance for hope. That is what real science is all about, when scientists listen to patients and turn that hope into reality.”

“The Centre for Neurology Studies and the Health and Technology DISTRICT is an obvious fit for Helius Medical,” says Phil Deschamps, President and CEO of Helius Medical Technologies. “We are able to conduct clinical trials and continue to evolve our technology all within Innovation Boulevard – an area that offers unprecedented opportunities for technological developments in the health field. We are pleased to be a part of this growing space.”

For video footage of Montel Williams and the opening of the Centre for Neurology Studies, please watch it here:

Healthtech Connex Feb 11 2017 from Shig Tamagi on Vimeo.


About HealthTech Connex Inc.:

HealthTech Connex, Inc. is a health technology company working to revolutionize the practice of clinical neuroscience through advanced technologies based on the highest quality science and innovation. Located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, HealthTech Connex’s premier focus is on advanced brain technologies, and helping individuals to achieve peak brain performance and guide best possible treatment options for people with devastating brain illness. It launched the Centre for Neurology Studies connecting clinicians, scientists and engineers with advanced R&D and innovative clinical neuroscience breakthroughs to deliver the largest possible societal benefits.

About the Health and Technology DISTRICT:

The Health and Technology DISTRICT on Innovation Boulevard is a series of high-tech buildings located immediately adjacent to Surrey Memorial Hospital, creating a unique ecosystem for clinicians and health-care providers to work alongside innovators, entrepreneurs and tech companies. Developed by Canadian based company, The Lark Group, the DISTRICT is receiving international interest, leading to a series of investments by local start up as well as global leading organizations, seen as an unparalleled landscape for research, development and innovation.

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