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Chilliwack Pride Counter Protest to ANTI SOGI Rally on Wednesday September 20 – CTA Releases Statement

Chilliwack – On September 8, the BC Teachers Federation President Clint Johnson, penned and released an open letter to the Premier Davis Eby and others, over concerns of anti-SOGI rallies on Wednesday September 20. It is billed as a National One Million march for Children, using a line from a Pink Floyd song “teachers, leave those kids alone”.

There are a number of BC communities that will see this march and in the Valley, this includes Chilliwack.

The original FVN story is here.

In a social media posting on September 18, Chilliwack PRIDE expressed their concern and called for a counter protest.

The rally is expected to start around 9 AM and by 10AM be at Five Corners.

The Chilliwack Pride Society is disheartened to learn about an upcoming anti-inclusion event on September 20th. This kind of message is incredibly harmful to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, as it attempts to remove the protections that keep our community and children safe from systemic discrimination and societal harm such as bullying. These events also attempt to silence the much needed education and information about gender identity and gender expression by spreading disinformation about SOGI and inclusive practices in public education.

One of the best ways to support on the 20th is to represent! Wear your rainbows loud and proud to show your support for inclusion and education! Send a message through waving your flags wherever you are on Wednesday that hate, and fear don’t belong in Chilliwack’s rainbow country!

One of our guiding principles is to promote and create safe spaces for our community. We feel that organizing a peaceful counter protest would inadvertently expose our community to emotional harm and create more visibility for their vile rhetoric. We do however, welcome allies organizing something that is safe, peaceful and guided by our principles of education, advocacy and representation.

The BC Fed have organized ideas for action that might help, we thank them for their amazing allyship and support during this trying time.

– The BC Labour Against Transphobia Flying Squads list has set up a sign-up form for counter-protesters to connect with each other – there is safety in numbers so please join if you feel that is right for you (pm for the link)

– Issue a statement condemning this hate in our communities

– Encourage our political leaders and your MLA to condemn these actions – find their contact information here:

– Ask BC’s Human Rights Commissioner to publicly denounce this direct invasion of human rights and the BC Human Rights Code: email

For 2SLGBTQIA+ community members who are impacted by the ongoing rise in hate speech and rallies and need support, here are some resources available to you:

– Chilliwack Gender Support Network:

– Trans Care BC:

– Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre:

– Transgender Map…/canada/british-columbia/

– 2 Spirits of BC

– Gender Generations Project

Chilliwack Teachers Association relased a statement on Tuesday September 19:

The Chilliwack Teachers’ Association is proud to reaffirm its commitment to protect schools as safe
and inclusive spaces. Teachers strongly believe that all students have the right to a safe and inclusive
learning environment. We reject discrimination and bullying in all forms, and we are dedicated to
supporting and advocating for our LGBTQ2S+ members, students, and families.
The alarming rise of homophobia and transphobia across Canada has no place in our communities,
least of all our schools. Misguided campaigns that would force trans kids to out themselves are
dangerous, threatening their mental health and even their lives. We must unite against these
movements based in disinformation and right-wing conspiracy theories that aim to bring us backward.
“The fight against homophobia and transphobia is more important than ever, and it starts with
education. We need to ensure that our schools are safe and inclusive spaces for all students,
regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” stated CTA President, Reid Clark.
Sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI)-inclusive resources should not be controversial. They
are about ensuring that all students and their families are reflected in school materials. They also
protect students and staff against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, in
accordance with the BC Human Rights Code—provincial law.
“Diversity in our school communities is our strength. Every member of our school community,
regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, deserves a respectful environment in which to
learn, grow, and flourish,” Reid Clark said. “We believe that every student has the right to feel safe,
valued, and supported in our schools. By affirming our commitment to SOGI-inclusive resources, we
are sending a powerful message that we stand with our LGBTQ2S+ students and families and that we
will do everything in our power to create an inclusive and accepting educational environment.
“The Chilliwack Teachers’ Association is committed to defending schools as safe and inclusive
spaces. To our LGBTQ2S+ members, students, and families—we see you, we value you, and we will
always stand up for your rights,” said Reid Clark.

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