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Chilliwack Weather Records Continue to Fall – September 2022 – Warmest and Driest on Record

Chilliwack (Roger Pannett) – Chilliwack Weather Records continue to Fall as September was the Warmest and Driest Month on Record.

Re-occurring and often amplified high pressure ridges, since mid July, continued throughout August and September. A trend never previously observed since Chilliwack records commenced in 1879. A few Pacific frontal systems did approach south west B.C but evaporated as they advanced on shore!

The only measurable rainfall occurred in light showers on September 23rd ending the all time longest 55 day drought. (The previous longest drought was 51 days, July 7 to August 26, 1951).

With a meager 0.9 mm, 99.2% below normal, it was the driest September since weather records commenced in 1879.

Previous driest September’s:- 6.6 mm in 2012.

8.2 mm in 1991.

8.2 mm in 1989.

The City of Chilliwack 2022 precipitation total to date is 809.4 mm on 121 days compared to the average of 1,160 mm on 117 days.

Temperature extremes for September were a high of 31.7°C on September 10th, 10.1°C above normal with a low humidity of 18%. (That day Chilliwack experienced thick chocking unhealthy wildfire smoke, with a very high reading of 418, the worst air quality reading on the planet! For the next 3 weeks and beyond morning smoky conditions have unfortunately continued! )

The minimum temperature for the month was 8.9 °C on September 19th.

Two high temperature records were observed.

Date. New Record. Previous Record.

September 1st High Mean 22.95 ⁰ C (+ 6.35 ⁰C) 22.8 ⁰C in 1972.

September 26th. High Mean 20.85 ⁰C (+ 7.75 ⁰C) 20.3 ⁰C in 1976.

VariableSeptember 202230 Year Average
Mean Maximum25.49 C21.0 C
Mean Minimum13.26 C10.2 C
Mean Temperature19.38C15.6 C
Rainfall0.9 mm112.7 mm
Total Precipitation0.9 mm112.7 mm
Days of Rain1 day11 days
Days of Snow
Total Days of Precipitation1 day11 days
Relative humidity average59.6 %

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