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December 2021 Weather in Review – As the records fell …..

Chilliwack (Roger Pannett, Volunteer Weather Observer for Environment Canada at Chilliwack) – On December 1st, the record,’monsoon rains of November,’concluded with a record breaking 18.0 °C temperature (10.8°C above normal.) It was the warmest December day in Chilliwack since the all time maximum record of 19.0°C on December 27th, 1980.

Three record high temperatures occurred: –

Date New Record Previous Record

December 1st High Minimum 9.5 ⁰C (+8.1 ⁰C) 7.2 ⁰C in 1903.

December 1st . High Mean 13.75 ⁰C (+9.45 ⁰C) 10.9 ⁰C in 1958.

December 1st . High Maximum 18.0 ⁰C (+10.8 ⁰C) 15.6 ⁰C in 1958.

(Peak temperature for the month.)

The Canadian high maximum temperature record occurred in Penticton, at 22.5°C!

With a predominant classic ridge of high pressure over the north Pacific, generally cold moist conditions prevailed throughout December. Arctic air and moisture intensified after mid-month. It was the coldest Christmas Day since 1971 and the snowiest since 2008. During the last week sub-zero and snowy conditions prevailed. Five low temperature records, plus wind chill , were observed.

Date. New Record. Previous Record.

December 26th . Low min -12.2°C ( -12.1°C). -10.8 °C in 1996.

December 26th Low mean -11.75°C ( -13.95°C) -8.7°C in 1971.

December 26th Low max -11.3 °C ( -15.9°C ) -7.4°C in 1934.

(The coldest day in Chilliwack in 25 years. -11.5°C on December 28th, 1996.)

December 27th Low min -16.4°C, with a wind chill at – 26°C! The coldest Chilliwack temperature since the -19.0 °C on November 27th, 1985. Previous low min for date was -14.4°C in 1968.

December 27th. Low mean -14.3 °C (-16.7°C) -13.3 °C in 1968.

The month and year concluded with cold temperatures, but clear sunny skies.
A hope for a better and brighter New Year to come!

With mean temperatures 2.94⁰C below normal, at 0.36°C, it was the coldest December since 2008.

Rainfall was 55% below normal but with snowfall 179% above normal. However with total precipitation 38.9% below normal it was the 23rd consecutive December with below the 30 year average.

VariableDecember 202130 Year Average
Mean Maximum2.68 C6.2 C
Mean Minimum-1.95 C0.4 C
Mean Temperature0.36 C3.3 C
Rainfall117.4 mm259.6 mm
Snowfall62.4 cm34.8 cm
Total Precipitation179.8 mm294.4 mm
Days of Rain17 days18 days
Days of Snow12 days5 days
Total Days of Precipitation23 days22 days
Relative humidity average72.48 %.

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