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2021 Weather in Review – What A Wild Ride!

Chilliwack (Roger Pannett, Volunteer Weather Observer for Environment Canada at Chilliwack) – With mean temperatures for 2021 at 1.51 °C above normal, it was the 9th consecutive year with mean temperature in excess of the + 0.6°C standard deviation, an observation never previously observed and continuing the warming trend which started in 1986.

2015 remains the warmest year on record with a mean temperature at 12.85°C, 2.65°C above normal.

From June to September there were 26 hot days with maximum temperatures in excess of 30.0 ⁰C. It was the 20th consecutive year with well above the average 7 hot days, a trend never previously observed.

There was a total of 44 record breaking high temperatures in 2021 with only 8 low temperature records.

Temperature extremes for 2021 were the all time historical hot maximum temperature of 43.0 C (21.9°C above normal!) on June 28th and the record minimum temperature of -16.4 °C, plus wind chill, (16.4°C below normal) on December 27th.

In 2021 there were 219 frost free days compared to the average 216 days.

The summertime 46 day drought, June 16th to August 1st,, included zero rainfall in July, the driest on record.

In comparison historical November rainfall at 615.6 mm was the wettest month in > 142 years in Chilliwack.( Previously December 1979 was the wettest month at 586.2 mm.) Fall 2021 was also the wettest on record, 997.5 mm compared to the 537.5 mm Fall average.

There were five 24-hour rainfall records, including the wettest September day on record, 89.5 mm on September 17th and the historical all time record rainfall of 154.6 mm on November 14th.

However for the 9th consecutive year precipitation totals were below the 30-year average,-6.85%, including rainfall 4.25% below normal and snowfall 42% below normal.

Variable202130 Year Average
Mean Maximum15.99 ⁰C14.71 C
Mean Minimum7.43 C5.69 C
Mean Temperature11.71 C10.2 C
Rainfall1,676.3 mm1750.7 mm
Snowfall75.0 cm129.4 cm
Total Precipitation1,751.3 mm1880.1 mm
Days of rain170 days161 days
Days of snow19 days18 days
Total Days of Precipitation179 days174 days
Relative humidity average71.25 %.

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