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Blizzard Shreds Book Man Hanging Umbrella Art Project – “We Will Rebuild”

Chilliwack – Mother Nature 1, Book Man 0.

The Chilliwack Book Man Hanging Umbrella Art Project was on display before Christmas and it was stunning.


Then a certain Christmas blizzard came along.

Owner Amber Price took it in stride with laughter:

Oh Mother Nature, you make me laugh!!! Who had the bright idea of hanging up dozens of umbrellas right before a blizzard? Oh wait, that was me!

I feel as though this installation is the perfect analogy for my life. Realizing a vision, and achieving ‘success’ is never a straight line. There are ALWAYS hurdles and roadblocks. There is ALWAYS failure. There are ALWAYS going to be moments where you can allow frustration or hiccups to rob you of your resolute belief that things will unfold.

I believe that obstacles are actually just place markers on your journey, giving you the chance to recommit to your destination, and make memories along the way.

The trick is to stop seeing failures as failures. I already succeeded in this goal once now, and what can be torn down, can be rebuilt. In rebuilding we create connections and community. We share a laugh over what went wrong, learn, grow and move forward. We can see our mistakes, and take a better run at it with better information and more experience.

Once this blustery weather is behind us we will have these beauties as good as new! The cables and lights are safe, and thanks to our gated area staff just gathered them up and brought them inside.

Don’t let anyone or anything blow your dreams away! You can make your dreams come true!

I cannot stop laughing. Too funny….

Book Man Dec 27,2021

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