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OPINION – What Thanksgiving 2021 Means To Me – Michie Vidal, Harrison Councilor

Harrison – Thanksgiving 2021.

This year, likely more than ever before, we’ve faced one challenge after another. Despite losses and hardships that this year has seen, as Thanksgiving rounds the corner, we still have much to be grateful for.

In this year of increasing and conflicting information, there is nothing more powerful than truth. We can all bow our heads to the speakers of truth that have shared information that we’ve wanted and needed. Scientists, doctors, and medical experts that have spread real information about how to stop the spread of COVID have been guiding lights during this difficult year.

I’m grateful for teachers. Our lives are all filled with these people whether we recognize it or not. Some are more traditional while others appear as parents or partners, children, global health crises, climate leaders, human rights movements and Indigenous elders wisdom. If we view everyone we meet on our paths as our teachers, then we will never miss the opportunities for life lessons.

So give thanks to every hardship, every success, and every bump in the road that you’ve encountered that has taught you something meaningful.

Oh and yes, I’m certainly thankful for really good mashed potatoes smothered in gravy and topped with homemade cranberry sauce.

A Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends.

Michie Vidal, Harrison Councilor

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