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Comment/Charity – Re-opening a School in Uganda

Fraser Valley – From Christ Towers Junior School, Bill Westmacott:

Firstly, I want to thank those who have in the past supported the Christ Towers Junior School. We are helping Richard and Sylvia Kent work towards becoming self-sustaining through mainly agricultural projects and community engagement. The school reaches hundreds of children and families in the region and provides a ray of hope with quality education. Unfortunately, the school has faced six years of struggle, and the Covid issues of the last year and a half have made things even more challenging due to the prolonged school closures mandated by Government. Thankfully, the school will reopen soon as the Government has once again given the green light for November.

I also wanted to update you on the two acres purchased from the generous donation by many of you. Richard, Sylvia and their team have been very productive and completed planting 800 banana trees, beans and potatoes, which will help provide some of the essential food for the children and staff in the coming year. Please see the attachments of the planted fields.

Another encouraging development, Richard and Sylvia had an organization that helps construct schools in Africa visit them recently to evaluate the school. We are hopeful that they may consider working with Richard and Sylvia to complete several much-needed buildings. We will keep you posted.

So please join me in helping Richard and Sylvia provide essential monies to reopen the school soon and fund the teacher’s salaries.  We are looking for a few dozen regular donors of $20 to $100 a month to ensure the coming school year is a success. Thank you in advance to those who will help in this worthy cause, providing education in a very impoverished region of Uganda.

Please click on this link to donate:

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity in these difficult days for all of us!

Bill & Tammie


Bill Westmacott, Owner

Fivefold Financial

Financial Education, Life Insurance Strategies and Wealth Protection

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