Harrison Hot Springs – January 1, 2020 will be the Second Annual Harrison Polar Bear Swim & Hot Spring Soak.

Are you daring enough to take a polar plunge? The Harrison Hot Springs Fire Department will host a Polar Bear Swim, January 1, on Harrison Beach, just west of the Plaza. Swimmers register at 11am and swim at noon. Come on out to swim or to watch and cheer the spirited polar bears on! During the event, donations of food and cash will be accepted for the Agassiz Harrison Community Services Food Bank.

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Join us at the Harrison Lake Plaza at 11:00am and then for a soak at the Harrison Public Mineral Hot Pool after. (regular admission to the public pool applies)

Bring your family and friends, come along even if you are not going to swim!

• Swimmers dress up in Fancy Costume,swimsuit, wetsuit, anything “safe” goes!

• Do make sure you bring a change of warm clothing and towels – after your swim you will need to change into dry clothing quickly.

• Small bodies cool down rapidly, so for safety the minimum recommended participant age is 16yrs

Some safety tips for cold water swimming

• Don’t consume alcohol or drugs before, during or right after the swim. These accelerate hypothermia and reduce your
ability to cope with cold shock.

• If you have a heart problem – just watch and cheer us on! Do not stay in the water longer than 15 minutes. Body heat is lost much faster in water than in air.

• Keep your clothing on until swim time, to stay warm.

• Change into dry clothing quickly, and get yourself inside and warm after your swim.
Hosted by the Harrison Hot Springs Fire Department

Sponsors: Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa, HUB International, Diane Jacobi, Tourism Harrison


Photo Credits: Samir D/Flickr & Graham Osborne

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