Abbotsford – Residents in Abbotsford are invited to share their thoughts on managing the City’s urban trees in a new survey that will help to inform the development of the City’s new Urban Forestry Strategy.  When the strategy is complete, it will provide a clear direction and long term vision for managing the City’s urban trees.

·        Free Workshop on November 27 at the Ag Rec Gallery at 6pm: RSVP required

What is an Urban Forest Strategy? An Urban Forest Strategy guides how trees are managed on public and private land in the City. The Strategy will provide the vision for what our future urban forest will be and a road map for how to get there.

Why does Abbotsford need an Urban Forest Strategy? As the City of Abbotsford continues to grow, we are witnessing new challenges and pressures on our urban trees. Development, installing water and sewer utilities, invasive species, tree diseases, aging and climate change are just a few of the impacts being observed.

The new Urban Forestry Strategy will provide a better understanding of the City’s urban forest and what needs to be done to ensure a healthy legacy for future generations.  Recommendations in the Strategy will guide City staff in providing Council with recommendations on tree protection, maintenance and inventory programs, street, park and native tree planting and stewardship.


·        Let’s Talk Abbotsford Urban Forestry Strategy:

·        Urban Forestry Survey:

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