Fraser Valley – Once again , F%^$ Cancer!

In the last while “Heather” has been diagnosed with Stage 3B Cervical Cancer. She is undergoing daily chemo and radiation treatments and has even more intense treatments to come .

A fundraiser set up by the family is set for Friday November 15 at Corky’s Irish Pub in Chilliwack.

Stage III (stage 3 cervical cancer): Stage III cervical cancer means that the cancer has spread to the lower part of the vagina or the walls of the pelvis, but not to distant sites. Stage IIIB: The cancer has grown into the walls of the pelvis and/or has blocked both ureters, but it has not spread to distant sites.

Heather is having to commute everyday to Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre (from Chilliwack) relying on family and friends to help get her there. It isn’t all that easy with the prices of gas and everyone’s daily work schedule.

Heather is a mother of 5 beautiful children and has help from her partner Jarrod . She is not able to work right now to support the needs of her family and all the bills are piling up and she is struggling with all the daily things we take for granted , having children is a large expense and not being able to provide the necessities is very upsetting.

Heather still has treatments until Christmas and unknown for when she receives more MRI’s and CT’s to see if treatment is working . She is on a heavy chemo called Claspin and 4 extremely intense internal radiation treatments for the next few weeks.

Heather is such a caring person and I know she would do the same for anyone ❤️
We are asking everyone to come out and show support. If you are not able, there is a gofundmepage and you could also donate items to the silent auction for the fundraiser.

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