Rosedale/Chilliwack – It was the time for corn, tractors, rides, kids and fun. The annual Rosedale Harvest Festival was Saturday October 5. Originally the brainchild of City Councilor and Rosedale farmer and realtor Chris Kloot, this gathering has (pardon the pun) mushroomed in size.

But the 2019 edition of the parade was not without controversy.

The Chilliwack Pregnancy Care Centre had a float in Saturday’s Rosedale Harvest Festival parade. The pro-life movement were handing out goodies for kids including a plastic fetus. This outraged many parents including this comment to FVN:

I would like to know, who are the organizers of the Harvest Parade that thought it was acceptable to allow a pro-life float to give children aborted fetus candy? Rosedale was the embarrassment of the Fraser Valley today.

Organizers with the Rosedale Harvest Festival responded on Facebook: Thank you all so much for coming out to support the 5th annual Rosedale Harvest Festival!!🍂
After all the work that we put into organizing this free event, it was so nice to see the crowds out having fun, dancing between the raindrops, chatting with old neighbors, enjoying the pancake breakfast put on by the firefighters and supporting our vendors. Despite a bit of rain, another successful year!
We understand there was some things distributed in the parade that caused unease. We want to reassure everyone that this came unawares to us as well and we hope from here on out to limit the handing out exclusively to candy!

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The Facebook page can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “Organizers Of 2019 Rosedale Harvest Festival Parade Address Controversial “Hand Outs””
  1. Will we be able to get close to r\the venue easily with a ‘Disabled parking’ sticker in the car? Disabled parking available?

  2. It’s pretty slow news day if this much attention is directed to plastic babies…. Which is actually fantastic. I’m glad there aren’t situations where people are her harmed or in danger to report!

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