Ottawa/Fraser Valley – We all knew it was coming.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has officially kicked off the federal election campaign.

The protocol is that the Prime Minister asks the Governor General Julie Payette to dissolve Parliament, setting the stage for Canada’s 43rd general election on October 21.

Elections Canada’s website is a great resource to understand the nuts and bolts of federal elections.

Normally there is a 35 day/five week window for a minimum length of time for campaigning. This is 40 days. 338 seats are up for grabs.

The NDP only have candidates for two thirds of the ridings in the country, that includes (as of September 11) no candidates in the Fraser Valley.

The Green Party is expected to make enough gains to upset the NDP and become the third most influential party in the country and could hold the balance of power, should there be a minority government.

The latest polls show…. it’s too close to call.

Over the past couple of weeks, FVN and chilTV have been contacted by some of the local riding offices about advertising. National ads started over the summer, before the actual writ.

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