Guelph/Abbotsford – The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) has partnered with Guelph-based video production company, Ward 1 Studios, to launch an elaborate and intense documentary that covers the first-ever Championship Weekend.

The documentary takes a comprehensive look into all the events that unfolded throughout the weekend, including the street festival, concerts, and the first-ever CEBL semifinals and Championship games.

Sadly the Fraser Valley Bandits weren’t part of the post season, but this is well worth the watch.

The full documentary can be watched here.

This 26-minute film provides an inside look into the inner workings of the CEBL as the weekend progresses. It shows all the ins and outs along with exclusive comments from coaches, players, the league commissioner, Mike Morreale and more, while bringing the viewer backstage into what marked the final chapter of a historic inaugural season

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