Cultus Lake – As FVN was doing a July interview with Coneheads owner Hank Jones, a steady stream of patrons stopped by to buy an ice cream cone and express their disbelief that the iconic ice cream stand on the Columbia Valley Highway into Cultus Lake, will soon be a fond memory.

This isn’t a bad thing. Owner Hank Jones and Ice Cream slinger Tammy Webster wanted to emphasize that. Jones is 72 and recently had open heart surgery, so he knew the time had come to look for a potential buyer for the stand, and quietly step back and take it easy.

The stand does have a potential buyer and the flow of ice cream treats stops after Labour Day, Monday September 2.

Hank and his wife first saw the ice cream stand at its original location on Vedder Road in 1991 and with a little prodding from his wife, Hank bought the stand in 1994 and moved it to the current location, just outside of the village of Cultus Lake.

The former Air Canada employee has been holding court ever since. Making ice cream cones, meeting people, telling stories and loving his life, one scoop at a time.

There are no regrets.

Hank wanted to make it clear that the land owner Bill Commodore, has always been supportive of the traffic coming through for rum and raisin or chocolate or one of the other two dozen flavours on hand. Commodores is also in his 80’s and will eventually have to make his retirement decisions. But that is another story.

Hank isn’t sure if food trucks will move onto his site and that of the old go-kart track. There have been plenty of rumours.

The Facebook page is here.

Hank mentioned to FVN that a great business idea for someone with a little investment cash would be a fish and chips stand that delivers to the campgrounds and cabins. There are plenty of burger and hot dog joints already within a short distance.

Hank describes some of the more famous visitors he has had come through, spins a few stories and drops a few pearls of business wisdom.

Always the entrepreneur.

Tracey Webster, Hank Jones

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