Chilliwack – AUGUST 23 UPDATE – Finally some closure.

With the assistance of BC Coroners Service, the RCMP now confirm that the human remains located on August 21, 2019 has been positively identified as Ethel ‘Grace’ Baranyk, 86, who was reported missing July 13, 2019. 

Thanks to the media and public for your assistance.

“Police do not believe that criminality was involved in Ms. Baranyk’s death,” says Corporal Mike Rail spokesperson for the UFVRD.

The RCMP and BC Coroners Service have no further information available at this time.

UPDATE AUGUST 21 – On Wednesday, the Facebook page, MISSING: (ETHAL) GRACE BARANYK from a family member stating that Grace Baranyk’s remains were found. That has yet to be confirmed by the BC Coroner. RCMP will only say that someone’s remains have been found and confirmation is pending.

The same page also shows a donation to CASDDA in Grace’s name. If anyone else would like to do the same you can make a donation via e-transfer to:

Also on the page, a message from family member Richard Richards who flew in from the UK for the initial search:

It is very certain that Aunt Grace’s body has been found. A coroner’s report will be issued in the near future. We would like to thank everyone who has helped in any way. Your help, messages and thoughts have been very appreciated. If you were directly involved in search efforts or supported us from a distance, we are extremely grateful. Take care of yourselves and take care of each other.

JULY 27 ORIGINAL STORY – Two weeks after the disappearance of 86 year old Grace Baranyk, the command centre that was set up to co-ordinate the search for the woman with dementia and other medical issues, will shut down.

As the search rolls into a third week, there was only so much that the searchers could do. The Facebook page MISSING: (ETHAL) GRACE BARANYK has been flooded with false starts and plenty of phenomenal support. Late Friday, the inevitable had to happen. The search is winding down but not abandoned.

Grace’s family has come and gone to Chilliwack to try and find their loved one and frustrated (as everyone has) that she has disappeared without a trace.

Lisa Johannes Bisschop posted what many knew was coming. The command centre will shut down on Sunday July 28.

Grace’s disappearance is NOT connected to an incident near Hope. That story can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Coroner Confirms Remains Were Grace Baranyk – Senior Went Missing In July”
  1. I’m so very sorry that Grace wandered off and was not found in time. My mom suffered from dementia and I can certainly relate to the difficulty of keeping them safe. At the risk of starting a heated discussion, I would suggest that we as a society should implant some sort of tracking chip into our vulnerable citizens … at the request of a caregiver, parent, child … or authorized doctor. Any lost or stolen person could be recovered and brought back to safety. Just a thought …

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