Abbotsford – The City of Abbotsford has partnered with Archway Community Services on the development of the Hoon Park Adventure Playground.

The existing playground at Hoon Park will be transformed into an inclusive and creative space with natural play elements such as a hillside slide, a log ladder, play berm, log stacks, log balances, and stepping tree stumps.

Nature Playgrounds are designed with natural elements such as logs, tree stumps, boulders and bark mulch. Research has shown that children who play in nature are healthier, happier, smarter, and more positive.

This playground upgrade project is a partnership between Archway Community Services and the City of Abbotsford. A park opening celebration will be planned for Fall 2019. Funding was provided by Archway Community Services, Saputo Inc., and the Grayross Foundation, held at the Vancouver Foundation.

More info can be found at the City website at

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