Chilliwack Cutting cattle from a herd on horseback is an equestrian sport that goes back to the heartland of British Columbia’s early ranching history. At one point, our region was the centre of Cutting Horse competitions in Canada and now, after an absence of over 20 years, the not-for-profit Mighty Fraser Agriculture Society (MFAS) is reviving a major National Cutting Horse Association event. 

The Heritage Cutting Classic is at Heritage Park, April 26, 27 & 28.
Admission is free for the entire weekend. 

Lois Clough, a local competitor and board member for the non-profit MFAS society, recalls: “British Columbian business icons Chunky Woodward and George Tidball were two of the dominant early leaders in this sport. It’s this history and the legacy of those that came before us that we wish to honour by bringing a major Cutting Show back to the Fraser Valley. Several decades ago BC was the hub of Cutting Horse Shows in Canada.”

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