Chilliwack – Registration is now open for the second in the Aboriginal Education Workshop Series, Session 2: Decolonizing. This sponsored by Chilliwack Healthier Community.

Click here to register.

This is the second of a six-session series planned with the BC Teachers Federation. All will be half-day interactive workshops, presented by BC Teachers Federation facilitators.
Here are all the dates:

Tuesday January 29, 2019:  Sixties Scoop
Tuesday April 30, 2019:  Decolonizing
Monday September 30, 2019:  Aboriginal History and Culture Part 1
Monday November 25, 2019:  Aboriginal History and Culture Part 2
Monday January 27, 2020:  Beyond Words: Creating Racism-free Communities
Monday April 27, 2020:  Indigenous Perspectives

April 30, Session 2: Decolonizing
In this session members will engage in conversations around colonialism at many levels. Colonialism systemically permeates education, media, government policy and our whole society. Creating awareness is essential to understanding alternative value systems and how we are complicit by inaction. Decolonization demands a close look at Indigenous perspectives, ways of knowing and being and making change in our personal and professional lives. 

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