Maple Ridge – A rally for the homeless at the Anita Place Tent City in Maple Ridge has been planned for 4 PM Tuesday March 5.

Organizers including BC Homeless blog posted to Twitter: Demand for fire safe heating now, and for the Province to buy the apartment building across the street for social housing at 100% welfare/pension rate.

Last week, Maple Ridge Fire and the city issued and executed an evacuation order for the camp. The camp had three fires last week, including situations where propane tanks bew up and surround brush and trees caught fire.

That FVN story is here.

Courtesy Doug Diggz /Facebook
2 thoughts on “Rally For Anita’s Place/Maple Ridge Homeless – Tuesday March 5”
  1. I am ashamed
    I am worried ☹️ that there are so many people still have their heads in the ground.

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