Chilliwack – Registration is now open for an upcoming workshop from Chilliwack Healthier Community – NonViolent Communication – An Introduction to Trauma-informed, Compassionate Communication.

For this workshop the cost is $50 per person, plus $4.06 in online payment administration fees.

Click here to register. For more details, view the program.

This communication workshop is an adaptation of what is called Non-Violent (or Compassionate) Communication, based on the work of Dr. Marshal Rosenberg. The underlying philosophy is that every expression of anger/frustration/judgement/conflict is nothing more than an “expression of an unmet need”.

In this workshop we learn how to respond to the other person’s needs rather than to their words/actions, and the results are profound. Our ability to connect during communication completely transforms the way we relate to self and others. This transformative shift, using the methods shared during the workshops, is guaranteed to have an impact on your (and other’s) communication styles.

Doors open at 8:30am, we will provide coffee and tea. Please bring a reusable mug if you can. And there is filtered water water down the hall, so bring your water bottles too – a healthy community includes a healthy environment

A light lunch will be provided.

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