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Fraser Valley Radio History – 1968 Christmas Party Photo

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Fraser Valley – Back in the day, 50 years ago, there were these two AM radio stations in the Fraser Valley.

CHWK served Chilliwack.

CFVR served Abbbotsford.

Courtesy of Dean Roosevelt of Mid Century Memories of Chilliwack, if you can ID people in the photo, please comment below !

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  1. Norma Wilson (middle row, 3rd from left)
    Norm Mazuern (middle row, 3rd from right)
    Dennis Barkman (front row, center)
    Bill Wolfe (front row, far right)
    Murdo McLaughlin (sp?) (back row, 2nd…3rd…from right, with light hair)

    • Louis Fuchs (CHWK) – top row in middle.
      Bill Earnshaw (CFVR) – second row fourth from left.
      Bruce Monnery (CFVR) – third row second from left
      Isn’t Norm Mazuren (CHWK) – second row third from right and Bruce Kirkpatrick (CHWK) third row third from right?

    • Peter Alpen (CHWK) – second row, second from left???

  2. The woman sitting at left in first row was Phyllis Olsen. She was traffic manager at CFVR in Abbotsford for a number of years. She eventually married a man named Otto Funk and moved to Salmon Arm, I believe. While she was at VR, Bob Singleton and Gerry Pash were there, along with Dennis Klassen, Sales Manager, Terry Grant, morning show, Rick Dennis, mid afternoons and others. Judy Questo was copy chief, later replaced by Sandra Peardon who took over traffic duties when Phyllis left. Later arrivals would include Jim Alp, Rick Jonnasson, Brad Williams, Niel Nesbitt ( News ) and even Niel Macrae (sp?) in Sports.I remember when Rene Castellani joined the staff and did the traffic reports as Rene the Roadrunner as well as other promotions duties. I was there from 1972 to 74 and then from 1975 to 1980 in news, on air dj and copy/production. Bob Singleton would pop by from time to time in the evenings during my shift and find me doing maintenance on the turntables, cart decks and even the console. Bob hinted that a technical career might be worth looking at. I DID leave for technical education and ended up selling McCurdy, ITC and Studer products to BC and Alberta broadcasters until 1995.

    • Whatever happened to Rick Dennis (Geortz) I worked with him at CJVI 1979-1983 – Don

  3. Richard Dennis Goertz. Before CFVR, Rick worked at CJVR in Melford, Sask., if I have the call letters right. I don’t know what happened after CJVI, but I do recall that Rick had a tremendous knowledge of recorded music. Artists, Producers, record labels etc. Many listeners in the Fraser Valley commented about Rick’s show as they were always learning something about this artist or that artist, who they may have recorded with etc. So Rick had a lot to offer listeners when it came to the music industry.
    What I did not mention on my prior post was that as things grew in the business, Fraser Valley Broadcasters had acquired OK Broadcasting. Penticton, Osoyoos and Princeton. And, of course, CKGO in Hope was set up by then. But this was not big enough. There was a great desire to make CFVR more powerful and by the mid 70’s, CFVR 1240 at 1000 watts became CFVR 850 at 10,000 watts. Peter Alpen was brought in from CKWX as sales manager and had a hot shot team of sales guys consisting of Roy Francis, Gary Milne ( who later moved to CKWX/KISS FM in a high position ) and Mike Hammel. These guys were happening! Many local advertisers were looking tat the idea of jingles just like the big boys in the city had. Roy Francis connected with Bob Brooks of Iona Productions in Vancouver. Bob created the jingle material and had great musicians record the jingles at Little Mountain Sound on West 7th in Vancouver. So local businesses were sounding like big city businesses with professional jingles. Bob Brooks later bought Little Mountain from the Griffiths family and enjoyed and enjoyed fame and fortune ( maybe ) for years as Little Mountain Sound was the studio of choice for the 1980s Rock Monsters. So CFVR, the little station in the Valley had grown up with bigger power and some well known city professionals adding their touches to the effort. Even Bill Phillips ( the deep voiced BC TEL voice ) came on board as news director. We were sounding like the big guns more and more every day. I have gone on and on here…so maybe you have had enough for now! I can go further if you want in future posts. Just let me know.

  4. Back to the staff picture….Bob Singleton is directly behind Dennis Barkman two rows up. Behind Bob’s shoulder is Gerry Pash. To Bob’s right was a man named Rose. Was it Art Rose? Can’t recall. Eugene Ross was copy chief about then I think and that may be him at Bob’s left. Was the light haired gent three from the right Murdo McGlaughlin or Bill Cruikshank, news director?

  5. What ever happened to the Disc Jockey”s on CFVR 850 by the names of Craig Stefan and Rick Jonahson they were on the station from around the mid to late 1970’s ?

  6. Rick passed away quite a few years ago and I have no idea what happened with Craig. We used to call him Greg Stevens back at 850! He was a very nice guy and I hope he had a good career behind the mic after CFVR.

  7. OMG – a blast from the past! I discovered this site while conducting some research and shocked to see the pic from the 1968 FVB Christmas party held at Harrison Hot Springs (at a night club if memory serves me correctly). Wow, I still have this picture after all these years, although much of my broadcast memorabilia was lost in a flooded basement in 1979. I was on air at CFVR doing evenings there at the “tender young” age of 18 and left shortly into the new year (1969) to return to Calgary and evenings at CHFM.

    • Hi Bruce — I was at the old CHWK when the three Valley stations flipped to Radio Max (96-98)– Worked 66CFR Calgary 1987 to 91 – Don STAY IN TOUCH .. I started in 1979 at 19 (from BCIT) in Grand Forks BC.

      • Hey Don, funny you should mention Grand Forks! After moving to Nelson, BC in 1976, for a short-term position in my next career after radio, I did some weekend and fill in work for CKKC which had just been purchased by a chap from Alaska. Not sure if you ever crossed paths with Dan Gavin (CHQR) while in Calgary, he and I have been friends for 50 years.

    • I just remembered that the 1968 Christmas Party was held at a nightclub owned by the legendary Emery Barnes – from memory, I think it was called The Plug. The Poppy Family played there when they were just a new group on the scene.

  8. Great group of people who served the Fraser Valley communities with pride and professionalism. Many are gone it being 52 years later.

  9. So true Gerald. Those were the good old days of radio – such wonderful memories.

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