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Op/Ed – As A Canadian – Does The New Nike Ad, Offend You? (Video)

Fraser Valley – FVN is bracing for a few trolls and some flaming, but it does beg the question, does the new Nike Ad offend you, as a Canadian?

From Bloomberg: Former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kapernick has been the centre of a media storm since 2016. He sparked a movement among professional athletes when he began taking a knee in 2016 during the anthem to protest police brutality against African Americans. He is now embroiled in a lawsuit against the National Football League and accuses it of blacklisting him.

He has not played one down of professional football since.

President Donald Trump, although not naming him directly, said in an infamous speech that anyone not honouring the American Flag or Anthem should be disciplined by the NFL. “Fire that sonofabitch”.

Is Nike capitalizing on his fame and/or controversy and are we the consumer, simply eating this up?

Has the new ad featuring the famous “Just Do It” campaign hit its target. That is, to inspire you the consumer to buy their brand? “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”

Nike stock took a tumble in the first few days of the ad campaign but many insiders feel, in the long run, this will help the brand.

Right wingers (Republicans) feel this was the wrong guy to use to sell their product. Others either applaud the decision, or are blase.

Nike has had controversial ads in the past. In 1988, Michael Jackson then owned the publishing rights to many of the Beatles’ song catalogue. “Revolution” was used in a Nike Air commercial. Paul McCartney went on record stating that the song was about revolution and not a sneaker. He wanted Jackson to rescind the use. That never happened. Nike sold a ton of shoes.

For the record, Kapernick has been under contract to the Oregon-based company since 2011. Also for the record, his CFL rights are owned by the Montreal Alouettes. They acquired QB Johnny Manziel from Hamilton earlier this season, so that team is not looking for a name quarterback.

Vancouver Broadcaster Marcella Bernardo posted to Facebook: For years, I have boycotted Nike because of the company’s use of sweat shops to make goods. This campaign might be enough to make me lift that self-imposed stand for better working conditions.
I wonder how many people now burning their shoes in protest had no problem buying them when they knew they were likely made by children having their human rights violated?

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