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The Deuce Is Loose For Good – Jerry Doucette Retires (VIDEO)

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Fraser Valley/Okanagan – “Mama let that boy play some rock and roll, jazz is much too crazy. He can play that when he’s old.”

Jerry Doucette has called it a career. Posting to his Facebook page, the rocker, who has yet to be inducted into the Juno Music Hall of Fame, said in a statement that his health and family come first.

Doucette last played in the Valley during the Chilliwack Fair in 2012.

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  1. All the Best on your retirement.

  2. Hi Jerry…You probably dont remember me. I am Debbie (Carr) from Hamilton. We went to the same grade school…St Helens….I remember you playing guitar while a few of us girls listened down by the red hill creek many years ago. I love the song Mama let the boy play rock & roll. Anyhow I hope you enjoy retirement

    • Oh my gosh I just read your comment to Jerry Doucette and almost fell off my chair. I too went to St Helen’s and remember Jerry playing his guitar on his front porch. I passed by his place on my way to and from school and likely used that as an excuse to watch him play. My name then was Rita Beauvais. Anyway you brought back some old memories so thanks for that. CHEERS

  3. All the best, Jerry. Saw you at a casino concert in Edmonton. Enjoyed every minute and talked to you outside. You’re such a sweet man and so friendly. Enjoy your retirement. You’ve earned it.

  4. Born/raised in Buffalo,NY-USA. We get Canadian radio and I’ve been hearing “Mamma Let em Play” for years and never knew the artist. Came across the “Dueces Loose” lp at a thrift store. Noticed it was on the Mushroom labor and know their brief history. It made me google Jerry. Wow. All this time I never knew. Great song. Little late but I’m researching the JD catalogue now. Peace brother!

  5. Born in 1960,I grew up with your music..And bought your albums and played them over and over again..yes we “turned the record over” Huey Lewis said on concert.Take care..Canada Rocks with you!

  6. Hi Jerry. You were briefly in a band I was in with Gene and Ed Wazny , Gene Laska and Kevin Cline, we held band practice in Stoney Creek in the basement. I remember then, that you were destined for greatness with your Gretsch guitar and the way you made it talk. It was a privilege to have known you for that brief time. It has been a long road and I wish you the best of health and happy days!!!!!

  7. I played bass in Jerry’s first band, the Reefers in Hamilton. He was only 16 but he played like a veteran, instinctive, gifted, accurate. His ability on guitar made the rest of us sound better. Best wishes to Jerry and family in retirement.

    • Hi Bernie, Don the News Director here … Have you heard any updates on his health?

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