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Op/Ed – A Landlord’s Open Letter (VIDEO)

Fraser Valley – (WARNING – The video is a little gross) – Wendy Power is a Chilliwack resident, a member of the Anavets and a building manager.

She has seen it all at her complex. The problem is, she has had to clean up much of what she sees.

Normally when a tenant moves out (or abandons a property), there has to be a little touch up that must be done.

However major clean ups are happening more frequently.

Ms. Power contacted FVN with a recent video and a friendly reminder that being the manager/landlord is not all glamour (you are old when you can remember Mr. and Mrs. Roper from the TV series Three’s Company).

Mold In A Coffee Maker

“People complain about deposits & needing references. Landlords are the bad guys. These people lived like this for months & let their homeless buddy’s crash. Respect for your neighbours please. Thank Gawd I’m OCD and can clean this up.”

Are you a manager or have you ever rented out to tenants that have left your property in such a state? Did you receive any help? Any Compensation?

Let us know in the comment section below.

If ever you wonder why I'm so tired all the time check this out. The 4th one since October. Worst so far

Posted by Wendy Power on Saturday, February 3, 2018


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