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Former Chilliwack Mayor Weighs Into The Barry Neufeld Controversy

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Chilliwack – Requests for the dismissal of Chilliwacl School Board Trustee Barry Neufeld, over his anti SOGI 123 comments within the school curriculum have certainly fueled a polarizing response. After the Tuesday rally sponsored by the Langley group Culture Guard, either one is opposed to the anti gay rhetoric, or one is supportive that alternative lifestyle choices do not belong in the classroom.

Fellow Trustee Dan Coulter has called for Neufeld to step down. The BCTF would like him to quit. BC Minister of Education Rob Fleming fell short of asking for a firing, yet scolded Neufeld for bullying against LGBTQ persons and said that the Province will move ahead with SOGI 123 regardless of Neufeld’s position.

Now former Chilliwack Mayor Clint Hames took to Facebook to express his disgust:

Clint Hames (Courtesy Facebook)

The correct course of action for Trustee Neufeld is to resign and allow a by-election to be called. The community would then have a clear opportunity to express its opinion of Mr Neufeld and his beliefs. Yes, I know it’s expensive, but if this festers for the year until the next election, it will mean the next Trustee elections will be about one issue, instead of the range of issues facing the local School Board. You’re already saying this is the issue you’ll run on, Barry, so let’s do it now and not turn the election into a gong show.


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  1. Edit: Dan Coulter, not Dave.

  2. Barry Neufeld posted an anti-LGBTQ+ comment on his Facebook page. After he took a lot of heat for his homophobic, transphobic views, he offered an apology. This past Tuesday, he showed his true colours by stating his feelings towards LGBTQ+ students all over again. I was there in the audience, and it was disgusting. I am a supportive father of a transgender teen son, who attends school in the Fraser Valley. Barry Neufeld basically called my son “mentally ill”, and me a “child abuser”. That is not okay under any circumstances. Barry Neufeld made it clear that his opinions and beliefs about LGBTQ+ people are driven by “faith”, and he is lucky to live in a free country like Canada to enjoy “freedom of religion”. What he does not get to do is use his faith or religion to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people. The Human Rights Act in B.C. and across Canada protects all Canadians from all forms of discrimination, including LGBTQ+ people. Barry Neufeld is an elect official, and should be held to the highest standards, and should respect and protect these laws, and the Human Rights Act. Instead, he is bringing his religious views into his position as School Trustee, and using it to attack and discriminate against LGBTQ+ students. That is not okay, and for that, he is not fit to serve in that role.

  3. Thank you, Clint Hames! As the mother of two young men (one gay, one straight), I am disgusted by Barry Neufeld’s public comments. I was raised Roman Catholic, but I was certainly not taught to hate so his comments about being driven by faith are ridiculous. My entire family loves and supports both my sons because that is what loving families do. I agree with Brad Dirks; as an elected official, Barry Neufeld should respect and protect the Human Rights Act. He has clearly not done that. He needs to step down. We need school trustees worthy of the position, people who actually care about the well-being of our children and youth.

  4. Well Mr. Hames. The election you wanted has been held. Perhaps now it’s time for you to hold something and support the democratic process!

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