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Chilliwack Fair Board Unanimously Approves Modified Rodeo Rules

Chilliwack – Last week (September 14, 2017), the Chilliwack Fair Board of Directors reviewed the tie-down roping and steer wrestling events to determine if modifications could be made to minimize animal stress while remaining a sanctioned amateur rodeo under the British Columbia Rodeo Association (BCRA). After carefully reviewing all the information, the Board made the unanimous decision to modify the rules for these two events.

“The Board conducted a thorough review of possible rule changes and industry best practices and consulted all stakeholders,” said Cathy Oss, President of the Chilliwack Agricultural Society. “They recognized that many sporting events change and evolve as techniques are refined and new information comes to light.”

As the primary governing body of rodeo in British Columbia, the BCRA was gracious enough to accept these rule changes to the 2017 Chilliwack Rodeo last minute, and the Chilliwack Fair Board of Directors is looking forward to working with the BCRA further to remain a sanctioned rodeo in BC.

The modified rules for tie-down roping:

 If the calf is jerked off all four feet and its body touches the ground prior to the roper reaching the calf, the roper
will be disqualified.

 The six second rule will not be in effect. Once time is called for and the contestant has taken one step towards his horse and maintains a forward motion towards his horse, a three second time will start. The calf must remain tied for the three seconds. The legal tie will include at least one wrap around any three legs and a half hitch. The tie must hold and the legs remained crossed until time is taken by the flag judge.

The modified rules for steer wrestling:

 An automatic “no-time” will be given to a contestant if a steer “dog falls”.

 The steer must be on its feet before being rolled to the ground.

“As always, the well-being of animals in our care is of top priority,” said Oss. “We are confident that we have the support of our community and our sponsors, and we know that our new facility combined with the rule modifications will ensure the safety and continued well-being of the animals in our care.”

These event modifications are in addition to safety measures already taken by the Chilliwack Agricultural Society to ensure animal safety every year. Organizers ensure animals are comfortable and well cared for with suitable enclosures and good quality feed and fresh water. Care takers will continue to be on site 24/7 and a veterinarian will continue to be available to ensure the wellbeing of all animals participating in the rodeo.

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