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Daylight Saving Time March 12

Fraser Valley – Yes it’s that time of the year where we lose an hour of sleep but the days “officially”become longer.

Daylight Saving Time hits at 2AM this Sunday morning, where the clocks move ahead one hour.

Considering how this winter has been long, hard and brutal (by our standards) , the time change wi8ll be welcomes.

But not by all. There is yet again another petition to dump the time move in the spring and fall and stick to just one time  all year round (Saskatchewan does this.)

The new petition is trying to get a referendum question on the May Provincial Election ballot.

Have fun with that. Those efforts have failed in the past.

For the rest of us, you now have advance warning that the annual spring change is coming.

It is also that time of year (Spring and Fall Time Change) to double check smoke alarms, and be wary of how the time change affects your driving.

ICBC is calling on drivers to get some extra rest this weekend to prepare for the shift to Daylight Saving Time.

Losing an hour of sleep may have an impact on your alertness and reaction time when driving. That’s why ICBC is reminding drivers to be make an extra effort to adapt to the spring time change.

With more daylight during the late afternoon and early evening commutes, comes darker mornings. So it’s important for drivers to be aware of the changes in visibility and variable weather conditions as winter technically turns to spring.

Here are ICBC’s top five tips to help drivers adjust to the time change:

  • Plan to get to bed early on Saturday night and go to bed at your regular time on Sunday to be ready for the Monday commute.
  • Be aware of how your body adapts to the time change and how that may affect your ability to concentrate and avoid hazards.
  • The shift in time may mean that you’re now driving home in brighter conditions. Make sure you have a pair of sunglasses in the car.
  • After many weeks of early sunrises and winter weather, expect darker morning commutes. To help improve visibility, clean all of your vehicle’s headlights and check that they’re all working properly.
  • Be prepared and watch for more cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians on the road as the weather improves. Remember to share the road.

It’s always important, no matter what time of the year, to avoid distractions while driving. Leave your phone alone.



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