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Chilliwack Family In Line Of Site Of Ft Lauderdale Shooting

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Chilliwack/Ft. Lauderdale –  A Chilliwack family was too close for comfort in the recent shooting at Ft.Lauderale International Airport.

They described the scene to Vancouver media as ‘absolute horror’ when a gunman started firing a hand gun into the crowd. The gunman who was later arrested, was less than a hundred meters away from them at the Florida airport last week.

Gary Bryant says his wife and daughter were already in the security line-up when he took his son to use the washroom. That’s when he heard the screaming and gun shots. His family including his wife and two kids are alright, however Bryant was concerned that when the chaos started, the half dozen TSA officers that he saw when they were walking through the terminal, simply “disappeared” when the shots rang out. He openly questions security response at the airport.

Everyone in the Bryant family are okay. They were coming home from a Caribbean cruise.

The shooter was identified as 26-year-old Iraq war veteran Esteban Santiago, from Alaska. His family described him as troubled with mental health issues from his military deployment. He is now facing charges including the murder of five people and injuring six others. He could face the death penalty.

It’s estimated 25,000 pieces of luggage, cellphones and other belongings were separated from their owners during Friday’s shooting. Now comes the arduous task of getting those belongings back to their respective owners.

Video Courtesy TMZ – The Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter walked casually through baggage claim before suddenly pulling his gun out and wreaking havoc.



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