Chilliwack, BC – Experience mattered in the Chilliwack School Board By-Election to replace the late Martha Weins.

Bob Patterson, the former teacher and school district administrator was never in doubt of winning as he easily won the race with 833 votes. (The numbers, counted electronically, showed that within 15 minutes of the polls closing, this was a done deal).

Bob Patterson – Courtesy Facebook

Second place went to Chilliwack Symphony Director Paula DeWit. Her campaign was heavy-up on Social Media but only managed 197 votes.

The by-election was called following the death of long time trustee Martha Wiens.

1,905 votes cast in the 2015 byelection. Early numbers indicate that this  turnout bettered 2013.

2015 By-Election
Saturday, December 12, 2015
Last Updated: Dec 12-15 8:15:02 PM
Results Status: Preliminary Election Results
Total Number Ballots Cast: 1,905
View details (including polling station breakdown) at the bottom of the page

* One (1) to be elected
6 of 6 Polls Reporting
1 * PATTERSON, Bob 833
2 DEWIT, Paula 197
3 PRAAT, Megan 186
4 MUSSELL, Marion 155
5 GOSSELIN, Angelina 154
6 THÉBAULT, Lisa 120
7 JARVIS, Karen 113
8 MIELKE, Brian 63
9 EDWARDS, John 35
11 ATKINSON, Alisha 15
12 STELMASCHUK, Robert 9

Unofficial Results – City of Chilliwack assumes no responsibly for the accuracy of the information displayed.
For the official results please contact the Corporate Services Department at

Description Date File Size
Station Break Down 2015-12-12 63K


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