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UBC, UFV And Policies On Sexual Harassment

Fraser Valley/Vancouver –  UBC,  The University of British Columbia is under fire after a number of allegations of sexual assault on campus have been filed. There is a perceived lack of concern and attention from University leadership over the issue. So much so that a number of students felt they had to go public to the media, to shine light on the campus problem.

Right now UBC uses a discrimination and harassment policy to respond to sexual assault allegations,which sets out a process for handling complaints.

But that process has been criticized for being vague in it’s outline let alone, slow in action.

What about UFV in the Fraser Valley? What is their policy on sexual assault and inappropriate conduct?

UFV Spokesperson Dave Pinton pointed to the 2011 rules which are up for review in 2016: Sexual assault would fall under student non-academic conduct policy and/or harassment policy. That can be found, in full, at this link.

Students are required to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner, consistent with the University mission, policies, and regulations and in compliance with federal, provincial, and municipal laws. Students will be held accountable for their actions whether acting alone or in a group.

Students are required to identify themselves to University employees whenever such information is relevant to the legitimate pursuit of the duties of that employee(s)

The policy states :

Members of the university community have the right to work, study and participate in activities at the university in an environment free of discrimination, bullying and harassment.
Discrimination, bullying and harassment are neither acceptable nor tolerated at the University of the Fraser Valley.
Academic freedom is a fundamental tenet of the university. This policy shall not be interpreted or applied to impose on the legitimate academic freedom of any member of the university community.
All parties to proceedings under this policy will be treated in a fair and respectful manner.
The university will protect from retaliation anyone who, in good faith, brings or supports a complaint of discrimination, bullying or harassment.
This policy and related procedures do not prevent anyone from pursuing other available legal avenues

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