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Review – Judas Priest – Still Screaming For Vengeance After 40 Years

Coquitlam (Hard Rock Casino) –  After 41 years and a few line up changes, Judas Priest can still crank up the goods on stage. The metal gods proved it again on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam.

Courtesy Hard Rock Casino Coquitlam
Courtesy Hard Rock Casino Coquitlam

The one hour, 45 minute show stuck to the hits and well known tracks with only the title track of the news album, “Redeemer of Souls” being the only new track. Sadly, that sent many in the crowd, back to the bar for another beer.

The crowd, mainly between 40 and 55+ recaptured their high school and college days with the familiar tunes.

Metal Gods, Screaming for Vengeance, You Got Another Thing Comin’, Living After Midnight, Breaking the Law, Turbo Lover …  they were all there.

And  yes, during Hell Bent For Leather, Lead singer Rob Halford rode out the Harley.

Speaking of Halford, here is a guy who can still belt out the screams and he’s in his mid-60s. He put David Lee Roth of Van Halen, to shame (the last Van Halen tour and live album proved his better days were behind him).

Courtesy Hard Rock Casino Coquitlam

And Halford didn’t miss a beat with the leather and stud costume changes. Nor did the fans, and the merch table was busy with the shirts and hats.

The main concern for some was the fact that Judas Priest, who can still fill stadiums in Europe, were booked for a casino theatre. A bit of a comedown , one might think, but the boys are troopers and didn’t not let that stand in the way of them proving, they can still deliver. The volume was a little overbearing for the size of the room (remember this theatre has played home to the Doobie Brothers and Air Supply, so Priest was a little bit of culture shock).

Festival seating was also a bit of a concern for us in the Geritol and Advil set. A few sore backs from standing or sitting on the floor next to the wall.

FVN Managing Editor and Aging Rocker Don Lehn

But you know Priest fans have done some growing up. Back in the days of filling the Pacific Coliseum in the 80’s and 90’s, there would have  been plastic beer cups and mickies lying all over the floor. Now, we elder statesmen rockers recycled the plastic cups in the provided blue bins. Some things have changes in those 40+ years.

FVN Managing Editor and Aging Rocker Don Lehn

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