Fraser ValleyTom Baumann of Expert Agriculture Team Ltd., also a Professor at UFV. Baumann is a regular contributor to FVN on Agriculture. FVN is looking forward to your comments on one of the major industries in the region.

So… rain is now the story.

The wind, oh well, trees fell, power outages created havoc, roads were closed, etc, but the rain is now looking to end our season prematurely, although we nearly got all crops in already.

Blueberries: Elliotts remnants still out there, hopefully they are still OK. Aurora, at least one or two more picks, this is gonna have a bad influence on the quality.

SWD numbers again very high. For all the heat and drought, not too bad a season. Our growers adapted and ran full out and so did the packers and processors. Everyone deserves the earlier end of the season!  

Raspberries: fall bearers taking a big hit on quality in the rain, however, where protected by high tunnels are doing well. Strawberries: dayneutrals potting away, you could hear them sigh in relief over the rain. Some mold will crop up in about a week, however, with a protectant early and a follow up fungicide in a week, we should be covered.

Hops are getting close to ripeness, grapes are delicious for eating and wine already.

Now for me, it’s back to school.



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