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HOOORAY! The Satirical Rhino Party Are Back For The Federal Election!

Vancouver (Province) – Calling a federal election where the campaign is so long might be considered crazy.

But if you really want crazy, check out the Rhinoceros Party.

The website has such promises as the Loto-Senate, “a lottery game where all Canadians will be eligible to win a seat in the Senate.”

“It’s not going to be reserved for some old men who served the party well and got lifetime jobs,” said Rhino leader Sebastien CoRhino, in a telephone interview Monday from his home near Rimouski, Que.

Satirical Rhino Party ready to weigh in as federal election campaign begins
Rhinoceros Party leader Sebastien CoRhino says his group has ‘50 or 60’ candidates in ridings across Canada.

CoRhino, whose real surname is Corriveau, said there’s also a promise to privatize the Queen “to save on taxes and to profit from subsidies.”

“It’s very expensive to have the Queen,” said CoRhino. “We’re not a colony any more. We’re stuck with the Queen of some other country. Why don’t we have our own Queen?”

Another part of the Rhino platform is to have a “Tax on the Black Market.” The party plans to add a cashier to the exit of the black market to collect as much as $333 billion a year. The key, of course, would be to find the exit.

Probably the biggest — or longest — plank in the Rhino platform is for the party to reign from 2015 to 3015.

“We really offer a long-term and stable government for Canadians,” said CoRhino.

When pressed, CoRhino admits there is some seriousness behind the silliness.

The Rhinos are appealing to that part of the electorate that don’t know or care about politics.

“What is important to the Rhinos is the people that haven’t heard or care at all,” said CoRhino.

“This is dangerous for democracy, that inside a democracy some people don’t care at all.”

CoRhino plans to joke to engage the non-political and he hopes to have some of his candidates rapping out their messages.

“Afterwards, maybe they are going to develop an interest in politics,” he said. “We might seem crazy, but we’re not always crazy.”

CoRhino said the Rhinos currently have “50 to 60 candidates,” with people running in every province but Prince Edward Island.

“I don’t know anybody in PEI,” said CoRhino.

Candidates in B.C. include Jon Pelletier in South Okanagan-West Kootenay and Lawrence Knowles in Haida Gwaii.

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