Chilliwack, BC – Paula DeWit, the conductor of the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra is in the process of winding down the 2014-2015 concert season.

That show is May 30 at the Hub International Theatre at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.

Something DeWit is NOT known for is, popular music.

She is always depicted as the woman with the baton, long evening gown flowing and immersed into the Classics.

Now one secret will be unveiled. This author knows she has a Pink Floyd T-Shirt and is not above listening to the occasional piece by Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Prog-rock aside, DeWit has composed and released a pop style arrangement of Fearless For Vivace and CSO – Piano Dominant, arranged for Tiffany Desrosiers and the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra.

Said DeWit on Facebook and Twitter, “Wrote my first POP arrangement for the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and Tiffany Desrosiers~ Excuse the MIDI QUALITY~ Have a listen. Would love your feed back XO.”

Thoughts and comments??


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