Vancouver 2019 Summer Radio Ratings Released – Surprise Hits

Courtesy Puget Sound Radio/Numeris

Vancouver – The “Summer Radio Book” , the PPM ratings as compiled by Numeris, have been released. As always there are two stations to note on their unique situation. They are called Spill Stations: CKKS FM (Vancouver/Chilliwack, actually licensed for the Valley but broadcast to Vancouver) and KWPZ FM (Vancouver/Abbotsford is actually an American station from Lynden Washington).

Valley Stations used to have only one ratings period (Autumn) but that is now changing with “rolling ratings”, or a continuing count as is the case in major markets.

QM-FM took a large hit this time around and News1130 also saw a decline. Such shifts though, are expected in summer when radio listening preferences are scrambled. People head off to vacation and radio is not as important as the rest of the year. Also note that most of the multi lingual stations, as well as Two CBC French stations, campus stations and Indie Pulse FM do not subscribe to ratings.

Courtesy Puget Sound Radio/Numeris

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