Province Wants Immunization Reporting Part Of The Back-To-School Routine

Victoria – While parents and guardians are making preparations to ensure their kids have another successful year at school with pens, books and binders, they are reminded to keep in mind the importance of immunization for their children.

Following this year’s global measles outbreak, the Province took immediate action to increase immunizations and collect immunization records. Through increased immunizations and combined record reconciliation, the number of children now recorded as fully immunized against measles has risen by 37,525.

“The next vital step is implementing the mandatory reporting of the immunization status of school-aged students,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. “Through this new requirement, we are making sure that our public health system is better prepared in the event of another outbreak in schools.”

Most parents are already in compliance with this requirement. Before the end of September, most parents will be able to check whether their child’s record available in the provincial immunization registry is complete by going to:

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