FVRD’s “Justin Beaver” Has Been Found.. sort of… (VIDEO)

Chilliwack -APRIL 26 UPDATE – Justin Beaver HAS BEEN FOUND! Well…sort of….

According to the FVRD release:

 Just when they were about to give up hope, Fraser Valley Regional District Parks’ staff received the call they have been waiting for: Justin Beaver has been found. The 20-pound taxidermy beaver had gone missing last week during an interpretive program conducted at the Cheam Lake Wetlands.

“As a longstanding fixture in our educational program, we were optimistic that by sharing the story of Justin’s disappearance he might be returned,” said Christina Vugteveen, manager of regional parks. “We are so grateful to the individual who turned him in. Now, Justin can continue to help us educate school children about the wetlands and the great diversity of creatures that live in them.”

Like all good stories, the case of the missing beaver has a delightful plot twist.

“A very kind couple on Vancouver Island heard about Justin’s disappearance and decided to donate their stuffed beaver to our program,” said Jennifer Kinneman, manager of corporate affairs. “We have named our new addition ‘Sidney’ in honour of his hometown. So not only has Justin returned; he now has a friend.”

Kinneman said :”He was turned into the District of Kent and we kept out word, no questions asked. So we may never know what happened in the first place or who the returnee was.”


APRIL 20 ORIGINAL STORY – Before you groan at the name, “Justin Beaver”, this really is a serious story.

Justin is a teaching aide that the FVRD uses to teach kids about the wetlands and nature in general.

On Tuesday April 17, Justin was just minding his own business, unattended at the Cheam Wetlands when all of a sudden….he was gone.

Staff with school education programs just want Justin returned home safe and sound, no questions asked.

Anyone with info are asked to contact Jennifer Kinneman at FVRD at 604 702 5000 or just quietly drop him off at the FVRD office, 45950 Cheam Avenue in Chilliwack.



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