April Means Tulip Festivals In The Valley (VIDEO)

Fraser Valley – Time for Tulips in the Fraser Valley.

Chilliwack’s Tulips of the Valley Festival. Opening Day is April 1st.

More Chilliwack info can be found here.

In Abbotsford, their soft opening is April 9th and organizers are expecting to be in low bloom then.

Info on Abbotsford can be found here.

Both locations will have more than just blooms. They both will have many family friendly events. Just click the links to whick showing you want to attend and see what is in store!

As always, be prepared for plenty of traffic and slow downs on Highway 1 in both directions. Follow the signs and the flag persons who will direct traffic to the respective parking areas.

Photos and Video Courtesy Tulips of the Valley

Tulips of the Valley: Chilliwack Tulip Festival

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