City Of Abbotsford Hiring 6 New Firefighters, 4 Planners

Abbotsford – Abbotsford City Council gave approval Monday afternoon for the City to hire an additional 6 full-time firefighters and 4 full-time planning staff to improve services to the community and address additional demands on the departments.

The announcement from Mayor, Henry Braun,  “Last year the Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service attended more than 9,000 incidents which represents an increase of almost 50 per cent over the past 5 years.”

Council approved the firefighter positions alongside 4 additional Planning and Development staff positions in order to address the high volume of development permit requests the City is experiencing. In 2017 the City issued over 1,500 building permits with a record breaking value of $480 million.

The additional 10 positions will cost the City $510,000 for the 2018 year.

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  1. A respect the role of a firefighter and there is a need to have them. I think it irresponsible though to have so many. I personally live near several. They ALL have other jobs! because working 7 days a month is part time…and they themselves call their $120K per year jobs part-time.How can they justify work overload?? Platinum pensions, mandatory accumulated sick days banked towards retirement etc etc. This is on the taxpayer. Why on any given night in Abbotsford will there be 60 plus firefighters on duty and only 24 Police officers and worse yet, only 6-8 paramedics – it is ludicrous! The FD responds to EVERYTHING though 75% of the time it is redundant (Police and Ambulance will tell you the same) A fender bender gets the service of a full apparatus truck with 6 staff…sometimes 2 trucks! – everything is responded to to pad the stats – no call too small is their mantra – the public is tuning in to the sunshine social club. It is irresponsible for council to cave to the whims of their union. We have a serious gang issue in this City and Policing should be ramped up! $500K for 2018 and then on and on from there. I agree and support there should be a responsible number of FF but this is out of control.

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